Thursday, 4 September 2008

Human Synergy Moon Project

This is why I do it.

These are my general answers to common questions I get from people. Not only for this project, but for almost every project I started in my life.

Why? Simple answer is: Why not? [ because we can :) ]
But definitely NOT for the prize it self - thats for the investors. NOT for the fame - thats for the sponsors.
Is it possible? For sure! It was done so many times anyway...
How? That's our secret for a while :)

When the first X-Prize was set, to reach 100km , I wanted to join any team that was about to go to 0 gravity. In that time, no internet - no information on who or how to join.
When they did it, Richard Branson, Paul G. Allen, Burt Rutan [ they managed 328,000 feet ] I was watching it on TV and I was so happy and proud on that like I was part of it. Later, when I watched the documentary about it, I even cried [happy emotions]. Most people are crying by watching the movies, I cried watching documentary :)
And who win the prize, or to put it more correctly, who did it? Richard Branson - Started with Sex Pistols. Paul G. Allen - started with MS DOS. Burt Rutan THE INVENTOR and the dreamer. Small team - big dream and big "balls".
So, we have all above [ only no pistols :) ]. Plus we have more inventors, operating systems and "sex" [balls and tits]. And we will put it all together to make this dream reality.
Because "Most People Go To Bed To Dream - Only Few Get Up From Bed To Live Their Dreams". We are this "Few" - thats for sure :)
One more thing to remember - The Only Limitation Is Your Own Imagination.
to be continued.....

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