Thursday, 4 September 2008

365 Ryan "Brown" Dalton 16 Days...

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Monday, November 10, 2008

16 Days of Activism...on the streets: the long and short of it

The “short” of it:

Yes, I am a small, white American guy (child activist, social worker, rapper, blah blah blah!).

Yes! I will be living on the streets of downtown Cape Town for the 16 Days of Activism against violence towards women and children (25 November – 10 December 2008)!

The “long” of it:

I have lived in Cape Town for more than eight years now, working amongst the youth living on the streets of Cape Town, and in the various communities that they come from. I have seen quite a few “16 Days of Activism” come and go, and I always experience mixed emotions; I think it is wonderful that we have dedicated 16 days towards speaking out against violence of women and children, but I also feel that 365 days of our year should be dedicated to this cause! Since I do spend 365 days out of the year fighting for this cause, this year I decided to spend the “16 Days” doing something a little more radical.

Human Synergy Moon Project

This is why I do it.

These are my general answers to common questions I get from people. Not only for this project, but for almost every project I started in my life.

Why? Simple answer is: Why not? [ because we can :) ]
But definitely NOT for the prize it self - thats for the investors. NOT for the fame - thats for the sponsors.
Is it possible? For sure! It was done so many times anyway...
How? That's our secret for a while :)

When the first X-Prize was set, to reach 100km , I wanted to join any team that was about to go to 0 gravity. In that time, no internet - no information on who or how to join.
When they did it, Richard Branson, Paul G. Allen, Burt Rutan [ they managed 328,000 feet ] I was watching it on TV and I was so happy and proud on that like I was part of it. Later, when I watched the documentary about it, I even cried [happy emotions]. Most people are crying by watching the movies, I cried watching documentary :)
And who win the prize, or to put it more correctly, who did it? Richard Branson - Started with Sex Pistols. Paul G. Allen - started with MS DOS. Burt Rutan THE INVENTOR and the dreamer. Small team - big dream and big "balls".
So, we have all above [ only no pistols :) ]. Plus we have more inventors, operating systems and "sex" [balls and tits]. And we will put it all together to make this dream reality.
Because "Most People Go To Bed To Dream - Only Few Get Up From Bed To Live Their Dreams". We are this "Few" - thats for sure :)
One more thing to remember - The Only Limitation Is Your Own Imagination.
to be continued.....