Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Shake The Earth - Wake Up The Humanity

Shake The Earth - Wake Up The Humanity


Festival Of Lost Civilizations

- Maya -

Human Synergy Project is organizing World Wide Events focusing on Cultural Exchange, using Music as The Main Tool.
"We have chosen music as a tool since music knows no language barriers. Music. We all feel music... And everybody on this planet likes music, to put it simply:-). One of the important things is that we have many world famous musicians as firends, all over the world, so we can attract media attention in every country and promote our events on a international level. The importance of reaching as many people as possible and getting them to be aware of the current problems we are all facing, as well as coming up with solutions, is absolutely invaluable...." Nebojsa Stanojevic.

First one will be staged in Guatemala, in April '09. during Semana Santa [ Easter ], as it is 10 day public holiday there so that maximum number of people can attend, not only from Guatemala but from the whole World.

Lake Atitlan - Guatemala
Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

On this festivals will be a lot of different activities beside music. Sport events, Workshops in many different fields, Exchange of old traditions e.g. Mayan culture and forgotten "art of handwork", Education, Environment and special focus will be put on raising awareness about our future generation:

The Children From All Around The World...

"We Were Born And Raised In Different Ways, Of Different Race...
But We Came Together, Because In This Jungle Seems Like It's The Only Way To Survive..."