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How It All Started...

Owing to the enthusiasm of a group of adventurers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, the first expedition under the BiH flag will go on a journey around the globe. Arthur Production cameras have recorded the first part of this unique journey, thus treating BHT1 viewers to an unforgettable television experience...

Living in today's world of global communication networking, when it appears there is nothing that can surprise or impress us, rare are occasions when we can hear of an adventure that can draw our attention. Nebojsa Stanojevic, from Tuzla, with enormous experience in film and television productions all over the world, has opted for one such adventure as he will, together with a number like-minded people, or to put it more precisely, adventurers, sail around the globe.

Having recognised the importance of such an undertaking, ARTHUR production is realising a pioneer television project entitled ‘Around the World’, broadcast on Public ServiceBHT1 since 23 October 2006. Part One of the journey from the Adriatic across Greece, Turkey, Sudan, Yemen, Eritrea, India, the Maldives, all the way to Thailand is shown in 24 half-hour episodes, and then we move to Latin America (Costa Rica, Panama and Belize) where we prepare for a new expedition.

Since this is not an ordinary undertaking, for, we should admit that it is not every day that a BiH expedition starts on a journey around the world, the objective of this TV series is to present as many people as possible with the entire action taking place during this, we dare say, historical journey.

The answer to the question as to why such a programme may be interesting to the viewers is multifold.

First of all, 'Around the World' offers everything that can be found in top-quality TV travel reports, ranging from the educational part revealing new areas, people and customs, to the purely aesthetic part where the viewers can enjoy the sights of the world-famous tourist destinations, as well as intact nature where no step by a Bosnian has ever been made before, and is highly unlikely to happen ever again.

There are, of course, destinations that may have been seen before, but the real question here is – how much exactly do we know about them? Take the pyramids of Egypt, for instance. Following a visit with the local tourist agency, tourists usually have the impression that they have learnt all there is to the pharaoh's everlasting resting places. But the truth is that during that visit they only saw what presents the tip of the iceberg.

'Around the World' TV series offers the viewers a chance to see everything that cannot be found in tourist brochures. Information on particular locations will not be provided by local tourist guides, but by the ordinary people who know all the particulars. The main series' actors will take a peek into everything interesting that is normally not shown in TV shows of this type, and record it with their cameras. In other words, they will think like the viewers do, and will work as top professionals do.

Their every day consists of storms at open seas and the burning sun as they cross the kilometres of never-ending deserts, as well as the life on the boat where you have to be all in one – the navigator, the cook, and the craftsman, for if anything goes wrong with your boat at open sea, you cannot afford the luxury of waiting for help.

In that case, it is highly likely that you will be found by pirates, and all those who believe that these sea bandits can only be seen in Hollywood movies are mistaken.

From one episode of this exciting journey to another, the viewers will have a chance to take a closer look at this breath-taking world, and when we say a closer look, than we literally mean it that way. This means that the main actors will be swimming along with sharks, diving with dolphins, trading with exotic characters who look like they have just come out of some adventurist novels, struggling with the stormy oceans, and enjoying the calm of places where no human foot has ever stepped before.

With this TV series, Arthur Production wishes the viewers to set off their own journeys around the world, without having to leave their favourite armchairs.

Throughout the journey, the main actors of this story meet many adventurers from other countries, brought together by one common thing – the love for the unknown. This has resulted in a series of interviews in which the viewers will be able to see what the people who dared to live their dreams, but also the dreams of great many others, think about the journey around the world.

Countless encounters with people, customs, old towns, harbours and coasts present fascinating contrasts of wealth beyond words of little known cultures of the East and the one and only abundance of its nature. Stylised as a series of sailors’ tales, this unique travel report establishes a modern dialogue with an inexhaustible heritage of narrative tradition of the boiling East and, like a modern tale of a thousand and one nights it strings the necklace of unique images and experiences from this magical journey around the world. Part One of the expedition (from the Adriatic to Thailand) lasted for 7 months.

The expedition goes on. New boat, new crew members, new adventures.

We move to Costa Rica where we take the boat Cybele and with the crew who, in addition to Nebojsa Stanojevic (BiH), includes Igor Sterk (SLO), Miha Kregar (SLO) and Zeljko Vranjevac (SRB), sails across the magnificent Pacific.

Costa Rica and the neighbouring countries of Latin America, then Galapagos, Cocos Island, Iles de Societes (Tahiti, Bora Bora), Toumotu, Cook Islands, Samoa, Ellice Islands (Tuvalu), Louisiade (a group of atolls to the east of Papua New Guinea), the final atolls before Port Moresby, Fiji,…are the countries we plan on visiting and describing to our TV viewers.

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